Truffle 100: Sopra Steria ranks second among the top French software developers for 2018

Thursday 14 June 2018

Sopra Steria has once again taken second place in the 14th annual Truffle 100 ranking, which analyses key French software developers.

Logo_Trufffle100Software development is a strategic priority for Sopra Steria, and is backed by more than 40 years of expertise within the group.

Sopra Steria designs and rolls out high-performing application solutions offering the latest expertise and cutting-edge information technology to boost customer development. Sopra Steria’s software solutions are leading the way in their respective markets and they enable its customers to excel in three major areas:

  • Financial services (Sopra Banking Software), with a software suite used by more than 800 customers in 75 countries.
  • Human resources (Sopra HR Software), with a range of solutions covering HR information system requirements, rolled out in more than 850 customers in 54 countries.
  • Real estate, with property management solutions for the French market.